Alby Collier


Alby Collier is a world Class multi-instrumental musician who has worked all across the music industry from Session musician playing and engineering in the biggest studios to teaching private students on various instruments to Live Sound engineering in some of the largest venues around. This page is dedicated to his work as a Live Entertainer.

Alby enjoyed a very busy live "gigging" schedule, playing all sorts of shows from Reggae Festivals Blues and Jazz festivals and various tours across many genres . He felt a disconnect from the original, first love being the acoustic Guitar so had a break from the busy schedule to get back to his roots and get reacquainted with the solo Nylon string acoustic guitar.

After creating his acoustic guitar experiences he also returns to playing Electric guitar,   Bass guitar, Drumming and also brings hours of lead Vocals across all his instruments which is the fruition of Alby wanting to be the most versatile, well rounded Musician he could be.