Alby Collier

Acoustic Solo

After memorising over 20 hours of acoustic instrumental material ranging from Classicial compositions, Latin and most other forms of jazz, south African funk, Tv show themes  and a few hundred popular songs, Alby returned and played numerous shows and festivals as a solo "atmospheric" instrumentalist.

Feeling a little bit limited and disconnected from the audiences, Alby Added "Vocal Songs" to the material. Eventually committing to memory fifteen hours of songs and lyrics. 

That was tested earlier in the year where Alby was booked for 3 to 4 hours but the crowd wouldn't leave so The show carried on. What should have been a 3:30 til 7pm, ended up being 3:30 til 11Pm. The whole time, the crowd stayed, and sang and danced...

Alby has designed his Acoustic guitar show to cover any theme or event and the versatility to go from background music to full Party mode and anywhere in between to bring you only the best show he can deliver.